About asciinema

asciinema (formerly ascii.io) is a free and open source solution for recording terminal sessions and sharing them on the web.

It aims to be a “go to” place for every command-line user who wants to share their skills with others. Or putting it differently, it’s a place to show off your geekiness.

asciinema project is built of several sub-projects:

If technical details interest you then read more about how it works.


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A bit of history

asciinema project was started by Marcin Kulik (@sickill) in the beginning of 2011 as ascii.io. He was playing with the idea of sharing terminal session recordings on the web since 2010 but the working prototype came to life a bit later. asciinema.org site had a first public release in March 2012 (as ascii.io then). The project was renamed to “asciinema” in September 2013.

asciinema is actively developed with the help of great open source contributors.

Reporting bugs

As the service is built of several parts there are separate bug trackers:

Please only use them for reporting bugs and submitting feature requests. Do not ask for general help there. Use IRC or the support email for that.


Thanks to the following companies and individuals for providing services and resources: